CSTCanberra17 Organising Committee

Organising committee

Meet the Organising Committee

So you may have been wondering, who the team here in Canberra is responsible for organising Tourney 2017? Well, they’re a bunch of local volunteers with two things in common: a love of all things Croatian and a passion for the World Game!

Our Committee

CSTCanberra17 Organising Committee

Tournament Headquarters is the Board Room at Croatia Deakin Soccer Club, where the Committee has been meeting every Tuesday night (and the occasional Friday and Saturday) since mid-February.

Made up of members of the Croatia Deakin Soccer Club Board and a few very helpful associates, the Committee is responsible for arranging every detail of this huge sporting and cultural event. The Committee includes:

  • Tom Babic
  • Tony Pratezina
  • Tony Vidovic
  • Mladen Leko
  • Chris Collins
  • David Nappo
  • Linda Barisic
  • Joe Skazlic
  • Mario Spralja
  • Doris Pratezina

Everything from the big ticket items, like the Gala Ball, Disco, the enormous Raffle, to the logistics of organising venues, volunteers, food and drinks, and of course, those 100 or so soccer games that will be played.

Together, they will also be coordinating all of our eager helpers and making sure that everything runs smoothly. We’re so grateful to these members of the community for giving up their time to make Tourney 2017 AWESOME.

If you have any questions about the upcoming Tournament, please contact us.

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